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# Friday, December 19, 2008

For the last 3 months we suffer from many problems on our ArcGis-Servers.
The main problem is our architecture which planned on 4-cores (dual) + 12 GB RAM, but the main problem is that our server holds Win2003-32bit, which can handle only 4GB RAM.

This lack of 8GB causes us many page-faults. our SOC.exe causes our server to hold the server on 4 GB RAM permanently. (which means 100%)


Of course That we first need to extend our architecture to have more Spatial-Servers to deal the pressure but it will take time till buying and installing new servers, in the meanwhile we are trying to figure out creative ways to decrease the RAM Usages.

Yesterday Mody (from Systematics, ESRI's representative in Israel) sent me this link:

http://webhelp.esri.com/arcgisserver/9.3/dotNet/index.htm#tuning_services.htm (read the recycle section)

The article is talking about the 9.3 version (while we are using the 9.2 sp1) but it still help me understand something about how the people at Redland think.


Quote from the Recycle section: "Recycling destroys and re-creates all running instances of a service, whether or not those instances are above the minimum specified. To periodically return the number of running instances to the minimum specified, the service must be stopped and restarted."

It says that the recycle:

1) Will re-create all instances - which means that the "in use" number will be set to 0 - on every recycle.

2) It won't Change the number of "available instances" to the minimum (for example if we set minimum=4 and maximum=8, and before recycle the available=5, after recycle it will still be on 5)



  • ESRI's idea says that If your machine sometime had 5 users instead of the 4 you planned - so the machine needed to create the new instance. Such scenario can happen again, so They won't kill the instance at your recycle. and the next time you will need the 5th instance all the machine will have to do - is take it (without paying the creation time)


  • Machines that holds many types of Server-Objects and each of them will grow up above its minimum, it will cause the machine to work very slow, cause each instance take more memory, While the idea that the 5th user will return it more obvious that not all server-objects instances will be back to their high level usages.
    More instance -> Needed more CPU, even if they are not in use -> machine will work slower even with no less users.


My New Feature request:

I would like to have  recycle-preferences\options, For example: I would like to choose between two types of recycle:
The first type -  recycle and re-init the available instance to minimum.
The second type - recycle only. (like the one exist today)
Moreover, I would like to set more than one recycle item per server-object.
For Example:
I can set two recycle items: the first recycle will be twice a day and won't change the available instances(the second type), while the second type will be once a week, and will set the available instances to the minimum.



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# Monday, March 03, 2008

There is a new (google) group for the ArcDeveloper.Net (or may we call it Alt-ESRI)
Help us to give you a better API.

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# Saturday, November 24, 2007

Esri published the last service pack for 9.2 versions. as far as I know the next publish will be the 9.3, at the beginning of 2008.
I've found out that most of the people are either afraid of the service packs or just installing them without reading.
So, take a break, drink your coffee and start here: The full story behind the Service Packs
But for those of you that are too lazy to read, maybe this short interesting_features_for_my_team can also help you.

At my team we use the ArcGis Server, with two types of clients: ArcGis Explorer and Web Application(WebADF.net) and we are also have a little use of the Editor products. So if your team is like mine you can use this partially-feature-list, anyway my team-mates can probably found this post useful.

SP4 changes:

  • NIM007093 - Hebrew strings are not in Right-to-Left reading order when typing Hebrew characters in attribute table under editing mode for Hebrew locale.
  • NIM011253 - ArcGlobe: If you rename a layer based on an ArcGis Server globe service, your change isn't always persisted, and the original default layer name returns. For example, when you open an ArcGlobe globe document from the ArcGis Online Web site, the layer names are the full service names, not the more user-friendly layer names used when the documents were published.
  • NIM011449 - A problem was discovered with network dataset route and service area solutions after an upgrade of spatial reference to 9.2 high precision. Particular route solutions derived in the high precision ArcSDE geodatabase network dataset if the accepted tolerance and xy domain that were chosen were different after a network rebuild then the results in the low precision feature dataset.
  • NIM011532 - The IFeatureEdit and IFeatureEdit2 methods do not produce correct results when editing in projected space.
  • NIM011551 - Under some circumstances the RecordSet class isn’t correctly propagating the errors raised by calling ICursor::NextRow on the wrapped table. This can cause client code to mistakenly assume operations have been performed successfully (such as serializing the RecordSet to XML).
  • SP 3 changes:

  • NIM007055 - Enhance the OverviewMap control to have a static image mode so that the OverviewMap image is not requesting a new image on each extent or scale change.
  • NIM012292 - Memory leak in ArcSOC.exe process when doing many Identify requests over time.
  • NIM009324 - The Geometry1.Distance(Geometry2) method throws out exception when geometry1 or geometry2 is a polyline or a polygon.
  • SP 2 changes:

  • NIM006387 - Unable to update the scale bar image in a callback.
  • NIM006657 - Zooming in to a very large scale will eventually fail the zoom out map action.
  • NIM007046 - Add support for rotated map resources to the Web ADF.
  • NIM004867 - The Web ADF Map control does not work within .NET Web parts.

    Two more errors I am expiriencing and not sure about their state:

  • There are times that the ArcGis Server manager application show the well-known "we are sorry ..." . and no one knows what to do, but refreshing it again and again.
  • The ArcGis Server produce 404.3 error code because its cache files have no extenssion and it cannot access them from the ArcGis Explorer (which: 1) slowing down the requests. 2) cause a lot of errors on server).
  • Have a great coding, Till the next release...

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    # Saturday, March 10, 2007

    in sysinternals you can find many tools,
    this tool: Process Explorer is one that I found useful for my last week.

    I am using ESRI product called: ArcGIS Server, which is an of the shelf product with huge API and large architecture, I made some calls from the client to the server, their Map control show an Image from file system, somehow the file is locked: cannot be deleted, cannot be changed., my bigger problem that other users which using the same control and trying to watch the map cannot enter it. I wanted to find which one of the processes locked my image.
    Process explorer come to the rescue: you can find more details about its feature here.

    Do not afraid of debugging the unknown.

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